Trends and social stigmas

We’re living in a life full of trends and what I like to call “the new age of peer pressure.” We’re now more so than ever trying to fit in with our social crowd and doing things that we would have never thought about doing five, ten or even fifteen years ago.

Let’s look at tattoos, gluten free or even veganism and try and understand how and why these have become social trends. Yes, people are educating themselves and become more “open” about such things but people are also seeking a way to become a part of a social setting that where they can “fit in.” With the rise of social and digital media, information is much easier to grasp that in the 90s and we’re being taught or some may say “brainwashed” into following trends unconsciously.

But maybe there’s a point to that…

Can we learn from Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is popular because it contains a wealth of information made for people by people that for the most part consists of correct material.

However, there are many people who don’t believe in the power of Wikipedia and do not accept it as a format of knowledge.

Just because everyone and anyone can publish on Wikipedia even if they’re not a well-known journalist, even if they’re not a New York Times best seller or even if they’re not a published academic does not mean that their points are invalid or untrue.

But what can we learn from this domain and why is it one of the most visited websites in the world?