Are we learning or regurgitating?

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Why is it that in the typical school system we group students in ‘intelligence’ categories based on how well they do on a test? Is it correct to put a child in group ‘A’ because they produced a high score due to their ability to remember something that they have been told by their teacher? Is it correct to put a child in group ‘C’ due to their inability to remember something that they have been told by their teacher. Is the child in group ‘A’ more intelligent than the child in group ‘C’? Or are we praising that child because of their commitment to studying?

What is the correct way to measure intelligence? When we think about the amount of media consumption formats that are available to us and the amount we use at once, is it possible anymore to focus on one thing at a time and give that topic your undivided attention? Right now, as I write this article. I have Microsoft word open on my laptop, my work phone which is on the floor buzzes every time I get a message from a colleague on Slack (which is very often). Whatsapp never fails to make me aware when someone wants my attention on my personal phone which is on the sofa to the right of me. My tablet which is also on the sofa but to the left, although currently closed vibrates to let me know when I have a new email and BBC News which is on TV is telling me the latest score updates from the Champions League. I know I have the complete ability to remove all of these distractions to fully focus on writing this piece and will most likely end up with a better article if these distractions were not around but the real question is… Do I want to remove these distractions?


Me, like most young people feel the need to always be connected for better or for worse. Because of this, do we ever get to learn, understand or focus on what we are doing or will we forever remember things what we have heard, read or watched without having used our ability to make decisions for ourselves due to the many media distractions around us.

We may be losing the ability to focus and make decisions on topics for ourselves, resulting to simply relying on our ability to remember and then regurgitate what we’ve heard, read or watched. Does this make us intelligent? Has the influx of media consumptions formats diminished our thinking capabilities?