Love on social media

In this new age of social media, can relationships be what they used to be? Can you love someone unconditionally without showing the world how much you love someone? Of course you can but there are people who choose to document their relationship online for the whole world to see?

Getting more “likes” or more “views” or simply just more engagement has become far more important to people than many other meaningful things that we could label as meaningful only a few years ago. We are now seeing people share the most intimate part of their lives as a show to gain an audience and a following to ultimately gain a more monetary status. This is more than a reality TV show, this is reacting to people, demanding to see the ins and outs of the life you live.

But is this really a meaningful relationship? Is sharing every facet of your life keeping your relationship together? If it is… Is that true love?

Trends and social stigmas

We’re living in a life full of trends and what I like to call “the new age of peer pressure.” We’re now more so than ever trying to fit in with our social crowd and doing things that we would have never thought about doing five, ten or even fifteen years ago.

Let’s look at tattoos, gluten free or even veganism and try and understand how and why these have become social trends. Yes, people are educating themselves and become more “open” about such things but people are also seeking a way to become a part of a social setting that where they can “fit in.” With the rise of social and digital media, information is much easier to grasp that in the 90s and we’re being taught or some may say “brainwashed” into following trends unconsciously.

But maybe there’s a point to that…

What would happen if the internet shut down for a day?

The internet has become a way of life for almost everyone in the western and developed world. Most people use the internet daily and although there was indeed a time when the internet did not exist. It is now incredibly difficult to think or even live in a world where there was no internet.

With the way the world-wide web and all its assets are used today, if the internet were to disappear for a 24-hour period, it would cause extreme havoc and dismay amongst the general public. Massive global, technological conglomerates would shut down, causing the way we go about daily routines to be rethought. If the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon disappeared for a day, how would we react? Sure, we would deal with it but how would we deal with it and what questions would arise about our reliability on the internet?

How would the 15 year old Californian, high school girl live her life without being able to go on Snapchat? Today’s world suggests that she would waste away into thin air…