INSIGHTS & CHILL | We should all be Polyamorous!

Humans are designed to be polyamorous. Evidence suggests that we are designed to have multiple sexual partners over our lifetime and that we should not be monogamous beings. We live by rules determined by natural selection and survival of the fittest. We are creatures of a competitive nature and as a whole species on an individual level, we want to spread our imprint on life. In polyamorous terms, this simply means, we compete to spread our seed.

But why has society said we shouldn’t be polyamorous? Once married we are in lawful agreement that we should not have sexual intercourse with another person… This is against our nature. Marriage was brought on through love, not science. For every marriage in life, 50% end in divorce. Marriage for love is obviously not working. As with my preference to rather be with one partner, I do recognise that some people prefer this to having multiple sexual partners but this doesn’t mean there should be a law binding us to one person.

With help from Vic and Som, I discuss polyamory and why it should be naturally adopted and recognised into everyday life.

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