Are you in control of your phone or is your phone in control of you?

This is not just about addiction. This is about personal preference, enjoyment and yet again, generational values.

A mobile phone is an essential piece of hardware that is almost a must have for most people living in the western world. How many people know days have access to a 3G or 4G cellular mobile device that allows them to connect with anyone around the world? The answer is a A LOT of people.

When a device is so accessible and can do the above, then it becomes very difficult to not become a serial user of it.

But how do people control the amount they use it? Or is it even a major issue to people?

I for one am a complete addict when it comes to the need of my mobile device. It has become a necessity in my life as I’m sure it has for many other people.

I, as many other young people use it to not only connect with the world around me but also use it for countless hours of entertainment through the art of ‘scrolling’. Yes, ‘scrolling.’

Are these hours wasted or are these hours used spent ‘scrolling’ up and down Facebook and Instagram timelines on a mobile phone useful to your growth as a person?

For me, it brings out a sense of joy and happiness. I’m able to laugh and share these moments with friends and family. It allows me to start up conversation. It allows me to debate. It allows me to laugh and smile. Yes, these are all things that can be done without a phone, but what is the difference? Or is there even a difference?

It has long been debated that ‘real’ human interaction should not be disregarded for virtual human interaction but in a day where virtual reality is on the rise then should this really be the case?

There will be a day where your phone will begin to control you. For some people, this day may have come already. For others, this day is coming soon and for a few, this day will never come. Humans are not only getting smarter; we’re getting smarter faster.

Just remember that with all these smarts… We’re still the ones that have decided to forgo in the direction of virtual reality advancement. If we didn’t want our mobile phones to control us then they simply wouldn’t.

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