The Immense Power of Internet Memes

Everybody loves to be entertained. There is no one person on this planet that does not enjoy a ‘good old chuckle.’

As generations go by and people start to urge for their ‘fix’ of entertainment and laughter – we start to see a curtain being lifted on extremism and what people will do to get their enjoyment.

People like change, people like to want to “see what happens.”

I’ve heard people say: “I voted for Trump to shake things up a bit”, “I voted Brexit just because.”

This is the culture that many young people live in today. Sometimes it can be for the worse, sometimes it can be for the better.

We live in a meme culture, whereby what we see online, on our Instagram feeds, on our Facebook timeline, etc, dictates the way we feel about certain topics.

Think to yourself for a minute.

How many Trump memes did we see during his US presidential campaign?

Now think to yourself again.

How many Clinton memes did you see during her US presidential campaign?

Entertainment through memes and other types of internet influences creates a new wave of pop culture that in-turn is directly, but mostly indirectly used as a marketing ploy.

From my personal experience, Donald Trump was the one that was continuously ridiculed and ‘laughed at’ through memes on my social media timelines… I rarely saw a Hilary Clinton meme.

People were able to make fun of Trump and laugh at Trump. Over time, this would have had people think:

“Wouldn’t it be funny if he actually became the 45th President of the United States of America?”

“Maybe I should vote for him to see what he does?” “Maybe I should vote for him to see what happens?”

The current US President was so heavily marketed in a way through memes and pop culture that he was always talked about and always in our line of sight without us knowing that he was being sold to us.

Of course, what we saw of Mr Trump in the media spotlight was not always a shining, glamorous example of what a leader of any nation should resemble.


Publicity, no matter if it’s bad publicity – is always publicity.

That being said, meme culture has created a pathway for brands and companies to start to market their products and create content that can entice their younger, more ‘connected’ audience.

The power of a good meme should not be underestimated. It has the ability to enhance the ordinary into the extraordinary. Just ask the US President.

So… How can brands use memes to turn products viral?

That is the skills we all need to master.

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